That’s A Wrap For Jersey Shore

That's A Wrap For Jersey Shore

Today MTV officially announced that the upcoming sixth season of Jersey Shore will be the last. Even though the Jersey Shore cast is about as famous as reality stars can get the show has been on a steady ratings decline over the past couple of seasons. So in order to promote the final season MTV has planned several special promotions to hype up when the season premieres on Oct. 4. First up is a Jersey Shore marathon followed by a one-hour retrospective special titled “Gym, Tan, Look Back” on Sept. 6 before the Video Music Awards. Lastly, the cast will be part of the VMA’s preshow to talk about the final season. But not to worry you can still get your weekly dose of Snooki and JWoww since their spin-off has already been given the green-light for a second season.

Is Snooki Leaving Jersey Shore?

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It was already confirmed awhile ago that Snooki would still appear for the 6th season but she will be absent at the shore house. This is because the plan right now is for Snooki to live at a place nearby. Even so, this is not set in stone because Snooki said herself that she wants to try out her old room first and see how that goes before making a decision on where to live. One thing she has already decided on is to stay clear of the “smoosh” room. Snooki explained, “I’m definitely taking this pregnancy seriously and with all the bacteria and everyone having sex in the smoosh room its just not where a pregnant person or a baby should be.” Seems like Snooki will be a better mom than we all think.