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AI Top 2:

2009 American Idol Finale - Arrivals



I seriosuly thought it would be an Adam vs. Danny finale.

But nope, it ended up being a Kris vs. Adam finale.

I hope Adam wins. I think he is more deserving than Kris.

Ahh….and they were only seperated by approximately 1 million votes! Dang!!!

Top 3 Performances! :)

Top 3

Judges Choice:

Danny -> Paula: “Dance Little Sister”

My opinion: solid & good performance

Randy: hoarse tone (+)

Kara: dancing too gyrating

Paula: really good dancing

Simon: vocally very,very good

Kris -> Kara & Randy: “Apologize”

My opinion: ehh..not so good

Randy: very nice; showed what he could be in the music business

Kara: wanted him to swing it “out of the park”

Paula: bum note (-)

Simon: Randy & Kata should have arranged the song for Kris to make it a better performance

Adam -> Simon: “One”

My opinion: Emotional, awesome.

Randy: In the zone, but a lil off melody

Kara: amazing strategist

Paula: miserable b/c the performance had Simon gloating

Simon: superb performance

Contestants’ Choice:

Danny – “You Are so Beautiful”

IMO: touching, excellent.

Randy: showed he could really sing

Kara: stunning

Paula: breathless

Simon: vocal masterclass

Kris – Heartless

IMO: Nervous when I heard the song choice, but really liked it.

Randy: better than the original

Kara: fearless

Paula: the song was about Simon

Simon: wrote Kris out of the competition after the 1st performance, but changed his mind after the 2nd one.

Adam – Cryin’

IMO: awesome as usual; <3s Adam, lol.

Randy: rockstar

Kara: See you at the finals

Paula: bar set so high & they’ll be seeing him at the finals and many years after

Simon: Don’t assume he’s automatically be in the finals, so ote based on talent.

It was a good night! 🙂 I can’t predict who will go home though, haha.

Top 3

Top 3 Performances

Is…Kris, Adam, and Danny.


Which means Allison went home. Wah, I’m so sad. I love her. She’s freakin awesome! 🙂

I honestly think Kris or Danny should have gone home.

AI: Top 4

Top 4

So it was Rock night on Idol tonight n ..surprise surprise! Adam rocked it! haha..

Adam went first singing “Whole Lot of Love”

To sum it up in three words: BEST THING EVER. 😀

I predict he’ll be the next AI. <333

Randy:rock star Kara:rock god Paula:whole lot of perfect Simon:Nobody can top that

Next was my 2nd fave…

Allison! She sang “Bry Baby”

The judges said song choice wasn’t the best, but that she rocked it anyway. 🙂

Then..it was Kris. He sang “Come Together” by the Beatles.

Last season Carly Smithson sang the same song during Beatles Week, and I have to say her rendition was wayy better than Kris’s. He sounded “icky” and you could totally tell he was struggling. Sorry Kris!

Last, was Danny. In the words of last season’s Ramiele Malubay, “OH-LO!”

Danny sang “Dream On” by Aerosmith. Now last Michael Johns (<3) sang this and he was voted off the next day. But he had done an amazing job. Way more better then Danny. Simon said Danny’s note atthe end was like watching a horror movie. :O

The duets were cool too. Kris n Danny harmonized well together.

But Allison n Adam stole the show with theirs! It was soo freakin’ amazing! I felt like I was watching a concert. 😀 So they are now..officially my two faves!

Top 4! Wahh

Top 4

Tonight’s bottom three was sooo surprising!

Why you ask?

Because..Adam Lambert was in it! OMG!

And so was Kris n Matt. I was pretty surprised Allison n Danny were safe. Everyone did great last night though.

Unfortunately, Matt went home. =( The bottom two consisted of him n Adam. And my mom and were literally cried when Matt sanf for the last time. He seems like such a good person. 🙁


AI: Top 5

Top 5

Lil Rounds n Anoop went home.

I’m not that surprised, considering last night’s performances. But I was soo worried Matt was goin to go home! Thank God he didn’t! And my mom and I thought Allison was about to go home…

OMG. DAVID ARCHULETA WAS AMAZING!!!! I am a HUGE David Archuleta fan and he gets better looking and more amazing (vocally and performance wise) everytime I see him on TV or on stage. =)

David Archuleta performing on American Idol tomorrow!

Fox's "American Idol" 2011 Finale Results Show - Arrivals

Get your DVRs set cause David Archulet will be back to American Idol to perform a song fro

m him self tit

led album. He’ll be singing “Touch My Hand” I’m soooo excited! He has a n


music video out for TMH and it uses a bunch of clips from when he was at the House of Blues in Chicago…and that’s where I saw him!! Ahh!

I was about to post the youtube link for the video, but the video has been put to private..so I’ll post it as soon as I can.