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"17 Again" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

So your Top 7 from last night is still a Top 7.

Why you ask?

Because the judges saved Matt Giraud! Thank you!!! He is one of my favorites this season!

I could not believe Lil was saved by her fans.

She and Matt were in the bottom three along with Anoop, who was declared to safety first..and then Lil.

Matt sang his heart out and I was like “OMG HE CANNOT GO HOME!” the whole time, haha.

And then to make things MORE nerve-wrecking Simon started telling Matt how he thought he didn’t stand a chance winning the competition.

THANK GOD he was just kidding. And then he told Matt he was safe, and all of the other Idols ran up to him to hug and congratulate him for staying!

And Paula went up for a hug too. =P


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