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Top 5

Lil Rounds n Anoop went home.

I’m not that surprised, considering last night’s performances. But I was soo worried Matt was goin to go home! Thank God he didn’t! And my mom and I thought Allison was about to go home…

OMG. DAVID ARCHULETA WAS AMAZING!!!! I am a HUGE David Archuleta fan and he gets better looking and more amazing (vocally and performance wise) everytime I see him on TV or on stage. =)

David Archuleta performing on American Idol tomorrow!

Fox's "American Idol" 2011 Finale Results Show - Arrivals

Get your DVRs set cause David Archulet will be back to American Idol to perform a song fro

m him self tit

led album. He’ll be singing “Touch My Hand” I’m soooo excited! He has a n


music video out for TMH and it uses a bunch of clips from when he was at the House of Blues in Chicago…and that’s where I saw him!! Ahh!

I was about to post the youtube link for the video, but the video has been put to I’ll post it as soon as I can.