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AI Top 2:

2009 American Idol Finale - Arrivals



I seriosuly thought it would be an Adam vs. Danny finale.

But nope, it ended up being a Kris vs. Adam finale.

I hope Adam wins. I think he is more deserving than Kris.

Ahh….and they were only seperated by approximately 1 million votes! Dang!!!

Top 3 Performances! :)

Top 3

Judges Choice:

Danny -> Paula: “Dance Little Sister”

My opinion: solid & good performance

Randy: hoarse tone (+)

Kara: dancing too gyrating

Paula: really good dancing

Simon: vocally very,very good

Kris -> Kara & Randy: “Apologize”

My opinion: ehh..not so good

Randy: very nice; showed what he could be in the music business

Kara: wanted him to swing it “out of the park”

Paula: bum note (-)

Simon: Randy & Kata should have arranged the song for Kris to make it a better performance

Adam -> Simon: “One”

My opinion: Emotional, awesome.

Randy: In the zone, but a lil off melody

Kara: amazing strategist

Paula: miserable b/c the performance had Simon gloating

Simon: superb performance

Contestants’ Choice:

Danny – “You Are so Beautiful”

IMO: touching, excellent.

Randy: showed he could really sing

Kara: stunning

Paula: breathless

Simon: vocal masterclass

Kris – Heartless

IMO: Nervous when I heard the song choice, but really liked it.

Randy: better than the original

Kara: fearless

Paula: the song was about Simon

Simon: wrote Kris out of the competition after the 1st performance, but changed his mind after the 2nd one.

Adam – Cryin’

IMO: awesome as usual; <3s Adam, lol.

Randy: rockstar

Kara: See you at the finals

Paula: bar set so high & they’ll be seeing him at the finals and many years after

Simon: Don’t assume he’s automatically be in the finals, so ote based on talent.

It was a good night! 🙂 I can’t predict who will go home though, haha.

Top 3

Top 3 Performances

Is…Kris, Adam, and Danny.


Which means Allison went home. Wah, I’m so sad. I love her. She’s freakin awesome! 🙂

I honestly think Kris or Danny should have gone home.

AI: Top 7

"17 Again" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

This was a very 50-50 night…

Allison: “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

I honestly thought there was no “wow” factor about this performance. But the judges loved it. Paula said Allison was up to par w/Adam and Simon told her she was the only hope for the girls.

Anoop: “Everything I Do”

I loved Anoop’s rendition of this song. I thought it was very heartfelt and touching. Randy said he did a really good job showing emotions and Kara thought it was one of his best.

Adam: “Born to Be Wild”

Dang! Two words to sum it all up.


Adam is just an amazing performer and artist…end of story.

Matt: “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman”

I thought it was..”eh”. It wasn’t great but wasn’t horrible either.The judges agreed that Matt should have just kept it a bit more simple. But IMHO I have been liking Matt more and more each week.

Danny: “Endless Love”

I was like ='( the whole time. It was so touching, esp. knowing about Danny’s wife. Paula said it was beautiful. Simon didn’t think it was amazing but congratulated him getting through the emotional part.

Kris: “Falling Slowly”

I felt like this was also an “eh” performance for me. 50-50. Randy didn’t really like it, but Kara thought it was one of his best performances to date.

Lil Rounds: “The Rose”

Oh dear, I believe she’ll be going home manana. Simon said the song was too soft for her, and Lil started talking back. Not a good night for her.