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AI: Top 7

"17 Again" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

This was a very 50-50 night…

Allison: “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

I honestly thought there was no “wow” factor about this performance. But the judges loved it. Paula said Allison was up to par w/Adam and Simon told her she was the only hope for the girls.

Anoop: “Everything I Do”

I loved Anoop’s rendition of this song. I thought it was very heartfelt and touching. Randy said he did a really good job showing emotions and Kara thought it was one of his best.

Adam: “Born to Be Wild”

Dang! Two words to sum it all up.


Adam is just an amazing performer and artist…end of story.

Matt: “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman”

I thought it was..”eh”. It wasn’t great but wasn’t horrible either.The judges agreed that Matt should have just kept it a bit more simple. But IMHO I have been liking Matt more and more each week.

Danny: “Endless Love”

I was like ='( the whole time. It was so touching, esp. knowing about Danny’s wife. Paula said it was beautiful. Simon didn’t think it was amazing but congratulated him getting through the emotional part.

Kris: “Falling Slowly”

I felt like this was also an “eh” performance for me. 50-50. Randy didn’t really like it, but Kara thought it was one of his best performances to date.

Lil Rounds: “The Rose”

Oh dear, I believe she’ll be going home manana. Simon said the song was too soft for her, and Lil started talking back. Not a good night for her.


AI Elimination.

Fox's "American Idol" 2013 Grand Finale Results Show - ArrivalsTonight’s bottom three consisted of Lil Rounds, Scott, and Anoop.

I was like =( when they announced Anoop wasn’t safe because I really liked his performance.

I wasn’t surprised Scott was in the bottom three, but I liked hpw he brought something new to his last few performances.

Lil..was really getting boring to me.

And who went home?!

Scott. 🙁

I’ll miss his sense of humor.

I predict Lil will go home next week, especially if she doesn’t start to show some originality and creativness.



American Idol : Top 8

American Idol Top 13 Party - Arrivals

Soo…tonight the Top 8 of American Idol performed songs from the year they were born. In my opinion it was a very -/- night. Meaning it had an even amount of ups and downs.

The night started off with Danny Gokey, who performed “Stand by Me”. I can’t really give an unbiased opinion on his performance since I’m in love with David Archuleta’s performance of the same song last season. Overall, the judges had some good words to say. Simon said it was overall great.

Next was Kris Allen. After an awesome performance last week, I had some high expectations. Too bad he didn’t do well. The judges said it was the wrong song for him, and I agree. Although Paula said he was very likable, which I also agree with. XD

After Kris was Lil Rounds. I feel as though Lil Rounds is slowly fading in the background. She isn’t up to par with the rest of them…at least that’s what the judges think. In my opinion, she’ll be in the bottom three manana and might even go home.

Anoop! Wow..when I saw his outfit, I was like =0 But then again, he sang “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper. I thought it was a very good performance, and the judges said it was pretty good. Simon told Anoop there was no need to apologize to Kara, b/c on the show they can all go back and forth with the comments.

Next was Scott. The judges weren’t very impressed with his performances. Simon suggested that Scott go back behind the piano. Now, his performance was a little awkward, but I personally love that Scott always tries something new.

Allison! 🙂 That girl is awesome! For ony 16, she acts beyond her years and has an amazing voice! She sang ” I Can’t Make You Love Me” and although it was an all out hardcore rock performance, it was still pretty cool. IMO she showed more of an emotional side to her, and that’s just what she needed to do.

MattMattMatt…Three words. He is awesome. When he is in the zone, he is on fire! Haha, the judges thought it was a very good performance. I love love LOVED it. I hope his fans vote big time though!

Adam literally left me speechless. All I can say is that the word amazing isn’t sufficient enough to describe his talent, creativity, and originality. And he looked good too. 😉


Well, I predict the bottom three will consist of Lil Rounds, Scott and eye-dee-kay who else.

Possibly Allison, Matt, or Anoop if their fans don’t pull through. :d

I hope they do!