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Is Jennifer Leaving Idol?

8th Annual March of Dimes Celebration of Babies Luncheon - Arrivals

Although J.Lo has yet to make a public announcement regarding her future on Idol it seems as if she won’t be returning next season. The main reason for her calling it quits: she’s extremely busy. This summer Jennifer is set to go on tour in Latin America and the U.S with Enrique Iglesias and eventually wants to make it a worldwide tour. This will leave Jennifer on the road until the end of the year giving her no time to be in the U.S when the next round of Idol auditions begin. While J.Lo has some major decisions to make Fox could make her decision easier by offering her a much bigger payday.

Paula Abdul leaving Idol?!

14th Annual DesignCare benefiting The HollyRod Foundation - Arrivals

Well, yesterday we all heard there IS a possiblity that American Idol judge Paula Abdul may not be returning this season. What?! Now, Paula does mess up her words a bit and sometimes doesn’t make sense, but Idol without her would be so….boring. Who would Simon joke with and pick on? So..do you want Paula to stay, or leave?

And your American Idol Is…

2009 American Idol Finale - Press Room


I feel so happy, sad for Adam, ..ahh! Idk how to explain it!



2010 People's Choice Nominations Press Conference

Their Choice

Kris –> Ain’t No Sunshine

Randy: shows what artist he can be and what record he can make

Kara: If you aren’t moved by him, then something’s wrong with you

Paula: great artist

Simon: takes back everything he said after the performance

Simon Fuller’s Choice

Kris–> What’s Goin On

Randy: a little bit light

Kara: he uplifts people

Paula: made Marvin gaye proud

Simon: was like 3 friends strumming along/too laid back

Winning Song

Kris–> No Boundaries

Randy: amazing competitor, voice fits song better than Adam’s

Kara: compelling artist

Paula: amazing; deserves to be there

Simon: highlight = first song, but deserves to be where he is

Kris won Round 1!



"Lovelace" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Their Choice:

Adam –> Mad World

Randy: A+  for Adam

Kara: incredible artist

Paula: great job, theatrical taste

Simon: over theatrical

Simon Fuller’s Choice:

Adam –> Change Is Gonna Come

Randy: unbelievable

Kara: best performance + interpretation of song

Paula: superstar! and iconic!

Simon: 100% back in the game

Winning Song

Adam –> No Boundaries

Randy: can sing anything but a lil pitchy

Kara: moved and proud

Paula: will be a fan no matter what he sings

Simon: one of the best and original contestants ever on the show

Rounds 2 and 3 went to Adam!


AI Top 2:

2009 American Idol Finale - Arrivals



I seriosuly thought it would be an Adam vs. Danny finale.

But nope, it ended up being a Kris vs. Adam finale.

I hope Adam wins. I think he is more deserving than Kris.

Ahh….and they were only seperated by approximately 1 million votes! Dang!!!

Top 3 Performances! :)

Top 3

Judges Choice:

Danny -> Paula: “Dance Little Sister”

My opinion: solid & good performance

Randy: hoarse tone (+)

Kara: dancing too gyrating

Paula: really good dancing

Simon: vocally very,very good

Kris -> Kara & Randy: “Apologize”

My opinion: ehh..not so good

Randy: very nice; showed what he could be in the music business

Kara: wanted him to swing it “out of the park”

Paula: bum note (-)

Simon: Randy & Kata should have arranged the song for Kris to make it a better performance

Adam -> Simon: “One”

My opinion: Emotional, awesome.

Randy: In the zone, but a lil off melody

Kara: amazing strategist

Paula: miserable b/c the performance had Simon gloating

Simon: superb performance

Contestants’ Choice:

Danny – “You Are so Beautiful”

IMO: touching, excellent.

Randy: showed he could really sing

Kara: stunning

Paula: breathless

Simon: vocal masterclass

Kris – Heartless

IMO: Nervous when I heard the song choice, but really liked it.

Randy: better than the original

Kara: fearless

Paula: the song was about Simon

Simon: wrote Kris out of the competition after the 1st performance, but changed his mind after the 2nd one.

Adam – Cryin’

IMO: awesome as usual; <3s Adam, lol.

Randy: rockstar

Kara: See you at the finals

Paula: bar set so high & they’ll be seeing him at the finals and many years after

Simon: Don’t assume he’s automatically be in the finals, so ote based on talent.

It was a good night! 🙂 I can’t predict who will go home though, haha.