Don’t Forget to Watch the Grammys!

The 51st Annual Grammy Awards air tonight on CBS 7 central! This year’s performers include Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift, Stevie Wonder, MIA, Katy Perry, Chris Brown, Jennifer Hudson, Sugarland, and of course The Jonas Brothers…..and so many more!!! OH! And Let’s see if Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas will actually be able to sayMore Buzz!

Jessica Simpson: Fat?! I Don’t Think So

I cannot believe how people are going crazy after seeing Jess a little bigger! Puh-leaze. In my opinion everyone needs to chill, she’s just went a few sizes up. She is not fat. She is NOT a size 12. She’s now average. The most important thing is that SHE’S HAPPY AND IN LOVE. End ofMore Buzz!

Jen and John

America’s sweetheart Jen Aniston’s movie He’s Just Not That Into You is number one this weekend at the box office. And this Wednesday, Jen’s turning 40! Sooo….perhaps we may be seeing a rock on her finger in the next week or so? Is the Gravity singer John Mayer ready for to reach the next level?More Buzz!

Bruce Springsteen and other tours!

So Bruce Springsteen’s concert tickets are selling super fast! I think they’re already sold out at some venues! =0 My mom bought her tickets today when she got home from work! She’s super excited! If you want tickets you better hurry! And don’t forget about the Britney Spears tour! She’s had an awesome comeback; IMore Buzz!

David Archuleta tour dates!

David Archuleta’s tour dates were just recently announced! I’m so pumped! I’ve already got my tickets!!! Anyway….here are all his tour dates! 02/24 – Virginia Beach, VA – Sandler PAC (seated) 02/25 – Richmond, VA – The National (GA) 02/26 – Sayerville, NJ – Starland Ballroom (GA) 02/28 – Lancaster, PA – The Chameleon (GA)More Buzz!

The Secret Life of the American Teenager =)

I love love LOVE that show! Tonight’s show was pretty good, and I can’t wait till next Monday! The acting has really improved on the show and it’s just a great show. It’s not the most realistic show ever, but still…great. haha. Here’s last week’s episode in case you missed it! =] watch?v=HU_zcSLl_ss

Secret Life

Omg, I love love love “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”. =) Tonight’s episode was really good. I’m not goin to give much away, but let’s just say that it’s a happy ending this week. And the main character this episode focused on was..Ricky! I LOVE him. Well, I love how he looks more.More Buzz!