AI: Top 7

This was a very 50-50 night… Allison: “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” I honestly thought there was no “wow” factor about this performance. But the judges loved it. Paula said Allison was up to par w/Adam and Simon told her she was the only hope for the girls. Anoop: “Everything I Do” IMore Buzz!

AI Elimination.

Tonight’s bottom three consisted of Lil Rounds, Scott, and Anoop. I was like =( when they announced Anoop wasn’t safe because I really liked his performance. I wasn’t surprised Scott was in the bottom three, but I liked hpw he brought something new to his last few performances. Lil..was really getting boring to me. AndMore Buzz!

Dancing with the Stars elimination

Hola! Tonight DWTS had a somewhat shocking elimination. After the dance off..where the bottom two couples dance for the chance to be saved to go on to the next week.. The couple with the lower score was declared safe and Kym and David went home instead of Edyta and Lawrence. The competition’s heating up soMore Buzz!

American Idol : Top 8

Soo…tonight the Top 8 of American Idol performed songs from the year they were born. In my opinion it was a very -/- night. Meaning it had an even amount of ups and downs. The night started off with Danny Gokey, who performed “Stand by Me”. I can’t really give an unbiased opinion on hisMore Buzz!

81st Academy Awards

The Oscars are tonight! ……. 😀 I can’t wait to see if Angelina and Jen will finally see each other face to face! And I really hope Kate Winslet wins the award for Best Actress!!! We’ll be posting tonight’s winners as they’re announced! Best Motion Picture of the Year: Slumdog Millionaire Best Performance by anMore Buzz!

New Kids on the Block’s Jon Knight gay?

Soo….pictures have been found on the web that show NKOTB member Jon Knight with a Brazilian model. When I first saw them I was like o_O  He’s gay?! So we are just waiting for confirmation. Everyone being mean about it should stop cause it’s his life and all that matters is he is happy andMore Buzz!

Rihanna & Chris shocker =0

I cannot believe Chris and Rihanna didn’t perform at the Grammys. I’m sure many fans were dissapointed. I know I was! =( Anyways, apparently Brown left Rihanna after hurting her. Rihanna then called 911, Brown later turned himself in. Right now, Rihanna is still at Cedars Sinai Medical Hospital in L:A. It seems like yesterdayMore Buzz!