Top 3

more Is…Kris, Adam, and Danny. 🙁 Which means Allison went home. Wah, I’m so sad. I love her. She’s freakin awesome! 🙂 I honestly think Kris or Danny should have gone home. Tweetmore


AI: Top 4

more So it was Rock night on Idol tonight n ..surprise surprise! Adam rocked it! haha.. Adam went first singing “Whole Lot of Love” To sum it up in three words: BEST THING EVER. 😀 I predict he’ll be the next AI. <333 Randy:rock star Kara:rock god Paula:whole lot of perfect Simon:Nobody can top thatMore Buzz!

Top 4! Wahh

more Tonight’s bottom three was sooo surprising! Why you ask? Because..Adam Lambert was in it! OMG! And so was Kris n Matt. I was pretty surprised Allison n Danny were safe. Everyone did great last night though. Unfortunately, Matt went home. =( The bottom two consisted of him n Adam. And my mom and wereMore Buzz!

AI: Top 5

more Lil Rounds n Anoop went home. I’m not that surprised, considering last night’s performances. But I was soo worried Matt was goin to go home! Thank God he didn’t! And my mom and I thought Allison was about to go home… OMG. DAVID ARCHULETA WAS AMAZING!!!! I am a HUGE David Archuleta fan andMore Buzz!

David Archuleta performing on American Idol tomorrow!

more Get your DVRs set cause David Archulet will be back to American Idol to perform a song fro m him self tit led album. He’ll be singing “Touch My Hand” I’m soooo excited! He has a n ew music video out for TMH and it uses a bunch of clips from when he wasMore Buzz!

American Idol: Top 7 (Again!)

more Mkay, so it was Disco week. When they announced this last week I was thinking to myself “NOOO….this is goin to suck!” But, in really didn’t. 😀 First was Lil Rounds, showing her not so little voice in “I’m Every Woman”  Unfortunately, that voice of hers doesn’t seem to be doing anything for herMore Buzz!

AI Results!

more So your Top 7 from last night is still a Top 7. Why you ask? Because the judges saved Matt Giraud! Thank you!!! He is one of my favorites this season! I could not believe Lil was saved by her fans. She and Matt were in the bottom three along with Anoop, who wasMore Buzz!