New Kids on the Block’s Jon Knight gay?

New Kids on the Block Promote Their Reunion Album "The Block" at Marquee in New York City on September 2, 2008

Soo….pictures have been found on the web that show NKOTB member Jon Knight with a Brazilian model.

When I first saw them I was like o_O  He’s gay?!

So we are just waiting for confirmation. Everyone being mean about it should stop cause it’s his life and all that matters is he is happy and true to himself…end of story.

We still love him no matter what! Just as long as Jordan never becomes gay life is good. 🙂


Bruce Springsteen and other tours!

2013 MusiCares Person of the Year Honoring Bruce Springsteen - Arrivals

So Bruce Springsteen’s concert tickets are selling super fast! I think they’re already sold out at some venues! =0

My mom bought her tickets today when she got home from work! She’s super excited!

If you want tickets you better hurry!

And don’t forget about the Britney Spears tour! She’s had an awesome comeback; I bet her concert will be really fun!

Oh, and NKOTB, New Kids on the Block are touring again as well! Their summer tour went pretty well so this one should do good to. I seriously wish I could go. Their new album that came out a couple months ago is pretty sweet. And I freakin want to see Jordan Knight. XD