Guilty Verdict in the Hudson Family Murder Trial

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The jury delivered their verdict today announcing that William Balfour, Jennifer Hudson’s ex-brother-in-law, is guilty of three counts of first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of Darnell Donerson, Hudson’s mother, Jason Hudson, her brother, and Julian King, her 7 year old nephew which took place back in October 2008. Jennifer sat silently with her sister, Julia Hudson, along with her fiance David Otunga, and other family members as the verdict was read out. In addition to the murder charges, Balfour was also found guilty of home invasion, residential burglary, aggravated kidnapping, and possession of a stolen vehicle. All in all he is facing life in prison.Unfortunately though, Balfour and his attorney plan to appeal the conviction on June 8. Well for now I hope that the Hudson family can gain some peace from the conviction.

Anna Faris is Pregnant!

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The 35 year old actress, who can be see in the upcoming Dictator, is expecting her first child with her husband Chris Pratt, who stars on Parks and Recreation. Faris has never been shy in the past to talk about her wish to be a mom and how many kids she hoped to have. In one interview she even expressed her love to have 8 kids but knew she would never be able to handle it. However many kids the couple do decide to have i’m sure they’ll both be good parents. Congrats to mommy and daddy-to-be!

More Celebrities / Heroes Emerge

More Celebrities - Heroes Emerge

Add Mila Kunis and Dustin Hoffman to the growing list of celebrities who have helped their fellow citizens in a time of need. In this case Mila and Dustin did some major life-saving in the case of two people suddenly stricken with life-threatening ailments. In Mila’s case, she sprang to action when a 50 year old man suffered a seizure, began choking, coughing up blood and vomiting. Mila ran to his aid and positioned the man’s head to the side so he wouldn’t choke and instructed a friend to call 911. When paramedics arrived she offered to accompany the man in the ambulance to the hospital but was told there was no need. The man was said to have made a full recovery.

As for Hoffman, he was enjoying a walk through London’s Hyde Park when he saw a jogger suddenly keel over, grab his chest and begin frothing at the mouth. Hoffman ran to 27 year old Sam Dempster’s aid, dialed 999 for paramedics and remained by the young man’s side until they arrived. He even reportedly administered CPR and restarted the man’s heart. Sam Dempster is currently recovering after undergoing a heart operation. Hoffman got a thank-you from Dempster who wrote on his blog calling Hoffman his “newfound favorite celebrity”.

Rebecca Black’s New Song

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Rebecca Black has a new song and a music video to go along with it. And its not bad?! Say it ain’t so. The Youtube star’s new video for her song “Sing It” is out and its a thousand times better than her first song and music video “Friday”. Either Rebecca has been taking voice lessons or the studio did a good job fixing her voice. But then again it’s not that hard for anything to be better than “Friday”. Now whether or not you liked “Friday” you can’t deny that it made the girl famous and along the way she ‘s made some very high-profile friends including The Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and of course Katy Perry who included Rebecca in her video for her song “Last Friday Night”. It seems like Rebecca’s gonna be around for a little while longer.

Miranda Lambert and Ashton Kutcher No Longer Feuding

Miranda Lambert and Ashton Kutcher No Longer Feuding

Nothing like the Kentucky Derby to bring two celebs closer together. The day before the Derby, Miranda  put aside her beef with Ashton and posed for a picture with him at the Barnstable Brown Party in Lousiville. Later that evening Lambert posted the picture on Twitter and tweeted say he’s “sweet and loves country music for real”. Back in April, the country music singer was feeling the complete opposite about the Two and a Half Men star when he showed up at the Academy of Country Music Awards wearing a cowboy hat and other cowboy garb before presenting her with the award for female vocalist of the year. After the awards show Miranda tweeted about the incident wondering if Ashton was making fun of country. It’s clear now that Miranda has gotten over the incident and the two are now buds.

Lady Gaga Single Again?

Lady Gaga Engaged

After a long dry spell the pop superstar seemed to have found love with her Vampire Diaries boyfriend Taylor Kinney, 30. But now rumors have begun to swirl suggesting that Gaga and Kinney have called it quits. The reason for the split is rumored to be because Gaga is touring non-stop until next year which makes it difficult for her to keep up with a relationship at the same time. The singer is currently touring Asia for her Born This Way Ball.  In a recent interview with Gaga, she explained that for years now she’s been embracing her time alone. Sounds like the split wasn’t that heart-breaking for Gaga.

Jessica Simpson (Finally!) Gives Birth


NBC Universal 2012 Winter TCA Press Tour All-Star Party - ArrivalsAfter what seems like the longest Hollywood pregnancy, Jessica Simpson is now a mommy. The singer/fashion mogul gave birth to a daughter as expected and she does also have a rather unusual name also as expected. Maxwell Drew Johnson was born early this morning weighing 9 pounds, 13 ounces and was reportedly delivered via C-section. As her due date got closer, Simpson was getting increasingly uncomfortable and even though she was early she was more than ready to deliver. Another thing Simpson is ready for: to be a wife. Reports say that their wedding will be later this year.

Congrats on your new bundle of joy!