Ryan Gosling as Christian Grey?

Ryan Gosling as Christian Grey

Rumors have been buzzing around that Ryan Gosling is the No. 1 choice for the lead role in the Fifty Shades of Grey big screen adaptation. Author E.L. James’ husband Niall Leonard tells the U.K’s Now magazine that the “last he heard” Gosling is the No. 1 choice to play Christian Grey. As per usual the 31 year old hunky actor’s rep has not commented on the casting rumors. Ever since the new broke that Fifty Shades would be turned into a movie the internet has been buzzing with possible casting ideas including Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder who has publicly expressed interest in playing the lead role. Despite all the rumors surrounding who would play Christian Grey there has been little rumors about who would be cast as the lead female role of Anastasia Steele. So who do you think should get the honor of playing Anastasia and what do you think about Gosling as Grey?

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