Justin and Selena: All the Latest News

Justin and Selena all the Latest News

As you probably know by now Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up a couple weeks ago but it seems as if their relationship is far from over. Their post-breakup relationship started off on a good note on Thursday making it seem as if a reunion was not far off in the future. The couple were together at The Laugh Factory comedy club in Los Angeles. They arrived together at the comedy club in a van but entered seperately  to ensure that they would not be photgraphed together. The next day, Friday, the couple decided on another date night but this one didn’t go as smoothly. Justin and Selena were spotted at Japanese restaurant Yamato in San Fernando Valley, CA for all of ten minutes before they left looking very serious and not at all happy. They each got into their seperate cars and drove off, continuing whatever seemed to go on at the restaurant at Gomez’s house. Things got more interesting once at Gomez’s house because she refused to let Justin in. This obviously upset the Biebs who starting yelling at the nearby paparrazi, annoyed that they were there and witnessing the whole thing. Considering all the commotion, Selena eventually came out but having enough Justin got in his car and left. Things were far from over though because Justin’s car was seen at Selena’s this morning.  The reason behind the split reportedly stems from Gomez having trust issues with Bieber and both singers have had jealous moments that have caused bumps in the relationship. Who knows what other drama is in store for the couple.

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