Brand Still In Love With Perry?

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Russell Brand’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today was much different from his previous visit back in December 2011. Back then when Russell was on the show he denied all the speculation that he and then wife Katy Perry were headed for a divorce. Today, in the wake of their divorce, Russell once again opened up about Katy this time to talk about the love he still has for his soon to be ex-wife. “I still love her as a human being. But, sometimes when you’re in a relationship I suppose it doesn’t work out, does it? But that doesn’t mean I regret it or anything. I was very happy to be married with her. She’s such a beautiful human being and I just have only love and positivity for her.” Maybe in the future these two will be friends but in the meantime it seems both have moved on with Brand dating several women and Perry currently being linked to Florence + the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd.