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More Celebrities - Heroes Emerge

Add Mila Kunis and Dustin Hoffman to the growing list of celebrities who have helped their fellow citizens in a time of need. In this case Mila and Dustin did some major life-saving in the case of two people suddenly stricken with life-threatening ailments. In Mila’s case, she sprang to action when a 50 year old man suffered a seizure, began choking, coughing up blood and vomiting. Mila ran to his aid and positioned the man’s head to the side so he wouldn’t choke and instructed a friend to call 911. When paramedics arrived she offered to accompany the man in the ambulance to the hospital but was told there was no need. The man was said to have made a full recovery.

As for Hoffman, he was enjoying a walk through London’s Hyde Park when he saw a jogger suddenly keel over, grab his chest and begin frothing at the mouth. Hoffman ran to 27 year old Sam Dempster’s aid, dialed 999 for paramedics and remained by the young man’s side until they arrived. He even reportedly administered CPR and restarted the man’s heart. Sam Dempster is currently recovering after undergoing a heart operation. Hoffman got a thank-you from Dempster who wrote on his blog calling Hoffman his “newfound favorite celebrity”.

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