Kim Sent Kate A Maternity Gift?

Kim Sent Kate A Maternity Gift
With the U.K’s royalty and Hollywood’s royalty both expecting it would come as no surprise that the two moms-to-be are in communication with each other. Well that’s exactly the story being reported by a British news outlet. The U.K’s Daily Mirror is claiming that Kim Kardashian has sent fellow mom-to-be Duchess Kate Middleton a note along with a maternity gift. According to the Mirror‘s story, Kardashian is “convinced she and the Duchess of Cambridge are kindred maternal sisters after discovering the pair are expecting two weeks apart. Obsessed with the idea her baby shares its birth month — July — with the Royal family, [Kardashian] has written to Kate, wishing her luck with the birth and including a small gift.” The newspaper goes on to claim that Kardashian is disappointed not to have received a response. Well there’s a simple and logical explanation for all this, there has never been any communication between Middleton and Kardashian.

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