Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus Searched For Drugs!

Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus Searched For Drugs

While on his Believe Tour in Sweden, Justin Bieber’s tour bus was searched after police officers smelled marijuana. According to the Stockholm Police Department, the bus was outside the Globe Arena where the Biebs performed when an officer called in and got a search warrant for the bus. No one was on board when cops searched the bus but they did find a small amount of narcotics and a taser. The police would not say what drug they found, only that the drugs “have been sent for analysis” and “the stun gun has been seized.” The good news for Bieber is since no one was on the bus at the time, no one will be charged in the incident. The police have stated, “no suspects have been linked to the findings” and they “do not have any concrete suspicions against any specific individual. There are no hearings planned over this.” This isn’t the first time Justin and marijuana have been in close proximity to each other. Back in January he was snapped smoking what appeared to be a joint and then later apologized for it in a Saturday Night Live sketch.

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