Katy Perry and John Mayer…On Again or Never Really Off?

Katy Perry and John Mayer Split
After reporting just a few days ago that the brief romance between Katy Perry and John Mayer was dunzo, it seems as if the two are still together. John and Katy were spotted getting close at the FYF concert in downtown Los Angeles Saturday night. The pair were seen in the VIP section of the music festival, dancing together and stealing kisses as they watched bands like Purity Ring, Sleigh Bells and M83 perform. John donned a cowboy hat and even had his arms wrapped around Katy who wore a floral print dress. And even though the couple’s appearance at the music festival was pretty low-key, a few fans spotted them in the audience, snapping photos of the duo while they enjoyed the show.

Jen and John

"The Bounty Hunter" UK Premiere - Arrivals

America’s sweetheart Jen Aniston’s movie He’s Just Not That Into You is number one this weekend at the box office. And this Wednesday, Jen’s turning 40! Sooo….perhaps we may be seeing a rock on her finger in the next week or so? Is the Gravity singer John Mayer ready for to reach the next level? We shall see.

PS: We hope he does!!! XD





Jen and John tying the knot?!

Jen and John tying the knot

Rumors have spilled that John Mayer will propose to Jen on her 40th birthday in February. =0

I hope it’s true because Jen deserves a man who will make her completely happy. 🙂

Rumors have been circulating about a possible engagement for weeks..and it now seems like we’ll be getting a clarification!

Let’s watch out for that rock on her finger around her birthday! Yay for Jen and John!