“Haylor”: Everything You Need To Know

Haylor Everything You need to Know
By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the latest celebrity coupling that is “Haylor” aka Harry Styles and Taylor Swift but the question still on everyone’s mind is whether or not these two are actually dating. Rumors began to swirl back in the middle of November when reports stated that Harry was spotted at Taylor Swift’s rehearsal for her X-Factor appearance on Nov. 15th. Per reports, Harry was seen with Taylor’s mom and the rest of her entourage. Once her rehearsal was over, Harry reportedly picked Swift up, threw her over his shoulder and carried her offstage. Fast forward to these past few days and it may seem as if “Haylor” were the real deal. On Sunday during a day off for One Direction, Harry and Taylor were seen out and about NYC but were joined by One Direction hairstylist Lou Teasdale, her fiancé Tom, and their daughter Lux. The group were spotted in Central Park and at the zoo. The next day after 1D’s gig at Madison Square Garden, Swift was spotted entering the after party thrown by the boys to celebrate with their family, friends, and girlfriends. Also that night, Harry and Taylor were photographed hand-in-hand entering Taylor’s hotel where Harry spent the night. But it seems as if one night wasn’t enough because Harry also spent this past night with Taylor at her hotel. After three consecutive days together i’m sure the two will miss each other seeing as Taylor left NYC today for Nashville for her co-hosting duties at the Grammy Nominations Concert. The two will be reunited once again though on Friday at Z100’s Jingle Ball. Now despite all this time together there is still plenty of speculation as to whether this is the real deal or just a PR stunt. There are claims that both Harry and Taylor are using their relationship for their own benefits. Taylor’s being to make ex Conor Kennedy jealous and Harry’s to finally put a stop to the “Larry Stylinson” rumor. What do you think, is “Haylor” the real deal?

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