Britney Spear’s X Factor Judging Debut

"The X Factor" Season 2 Finale Press Conference

Day one on the job as a new judge on X Factor is complete and already rumors are running rampant surrounding the pop star. Before I get to all the controversy surrounding her first day at X Factor rumor has it Britney has some odd requests in her judging deal. Besides her hefty salary, Spears also has specific food and personnel demands including; 12 Snickers bars, Doritos, 10 pieces of chicken, a psychologist and a spiritual advisor. Pretty random huh?

Moving on to her first day judging. People are already questioning whether or not Britney will be able to hack it as a judge seeing as she needed to take a break during the first round of taping. Apparently after 10 hopefuls, Britney was escorted backstage and didn’t come back to see the last four auditions. Not to worry though, the pop star came back for the second taping and stayed for the whole three hours. And it seems the break was well worth it because when Britney returned to the judging table she seemed to have loosened up.

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