Several Stars Hospitalized!

Several Stars Hospitalized

Several stars said goodbye to May in a big way; spending it in the hospital. So why are celebs like Pink, Chelsea Handler, and Jackass‘s Bam Margera in the hospital and more importantly are they ok? Chelsea was in the hospital because of  knee surgery but not to worry the funny lady should be making a quick recovery and she even took preemtive measures to make sure her show Chelsea Lately had a replacement. Meanwhile, Pink had an unplanned hospital stay when she checked herself in due to the stomach flu. Not to worry with Pink either, she has no problem being in the hospital. “Maybe it’s cause my mom was an ER nurse all my life- but throw me in a gown and a hook me up to an IV- and I’m a happy girl. Stomach flu sucks but morphine doesn’t,” the singer explained. As for Bam, he was hospitalized in Oregon after taking a kayak over a 100-ft cliff. Despite the injury, Bam was still able to tweet about the incident. “Just did a 100ft tandem kayak jump with pro kayaker Steve Fisher in Oregon!” he tweeted along with a twitpic of their terrifying dive. He also tweeted a picture of himself giving a thumbs up in a hospital bed and revealed that he had to undergo a hernia operation as a result of the stunt.

Here’s hoping all these stars make a speedy recovery!

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